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First Day of School - Aug. 2

Early Dismissal (8:10 - 10:10 a.m.)

No School - Aug. 3

First Full Day - Aug. 6

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This school year, Food City will donate $600,000 in cash through the Food City School Bucks program. The points your favorite school earns will help grow their share of the $600,000 total. It's like a pie - the size of your school's slice will depend on how many points your school has received. Anderson Elementary encourages everyone to support our school by registering your ValuCard for the Food City School Bucks program.

Participating brands include Food City, Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, ValuTime, Top Care, Academix, Domestic, Electric, EasyClix, World Classics, and Dining-In products, as well as Kay's Ice Cream, Terry's Snacks, Lay's Meats, Farmbest Milk and Kern's Bread & Cake products. Just take a copy of your favorite school's barcode along with your Food City ValuCard to any Food City. Barcodes are available in the school office.

You can also link your ValuCard online by clicking here. This will automatically link the two together, which means all you have to do is scan the barcode one time. From that point, it's simple, just shop, scan and save to earn valuable points for Anderson.

Remember this is a Food City ValuClub program so you'll need to use your ValuCard to shop and save for Anderson. Anyone can register, so get your friends and family to sign up today.

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Use your childs AR login and password to view Powerschool, Homeconnect, or their lunch account.  Login with the child's last name and 1st intial (or last name and intial of first name & intial of middle name). The lunch number is the password.
Login Example
The LUNCH ACCOUNT site will require registration.  You may check balances and view purchases for  free. charges a small fee ($1.95) to add money to your child's account on-line.  
For meal prices and information on free and reduced meals please visit the BTCS School Nutrition Department page, located HERE.
Instructional Fees


Thank you for sending in elementary student fees of $20.00.  You may pay $10.00 now and $10.00 at the beginning of the second semester in January.  Fee money is needed for consumable materials which are used to enhance the regular instructional program. 


Your PTA/PTSA Needs Your Help!

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Discipline Code

BTCS Discipline Code Handbook Outlined

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Our 3 Basic Rules

Our Three Basic Rules Are:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe



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More Fruits & Vegetables

School menus now featuring more fruits and vegetables


BTCS School Nutrition has recently expanded the selection of fruits and vegetables on the breakfast and lunch menus. Some of the new additions include steamed asparagus finished with lemon juice and grated parmesan cheese, fresh steamed broccoli, roasted Red potatoes with rosemary, Black beans with cilantro and fresh peppers, mixed greens with diced turkey and ham, Pinto beans and yellow cornbread, long grain and brown rice, grits, and a number of fresh fruit options.

In partnership with School Nutrition, Rebecca Craddock and Angie Gilmer from the office of Coordinated School Health will periodically visit school cafeterias this year to help students become more familiar with the new fruits and vegetables. Some of the foods may be things students have never had the opportunity to try before, and therefore they might be hesitant to try. For example, the asparagus and red potatoes were served for the first time in elementary schools on Thursday, August 12.

In the coming days look for Asian chicken and beef, fresh steamed carrots, hominy, and whole-wheat pancakes. So, please check your school's menu and remind your child they need five servings of fruits and vegetables per day for a healthy diet. School menus can be viewed anytime at

Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. One third of all children born in 2000 or later (basically students 5th grade and younger) will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives; many others will face chronic obesity-related health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma.

Teaching children to eat healthy is a huge factor in reversing this trend. Bristol Tennessee City Schools invites you to join us in the effort!


Anderson Elementary School

901 Ninth Street

Bristol, TN 37620

(423) 652-9444

Fax: (423) 652-9497

Dress Code


 BTCS Dress Code
Before you shop for new school clothes this year, please review our school system's new dress code policy.  Please contact the school office if you have specific questions.  We look forward to seeing you on August 5th!
Bristol Tennessee City Schools has dress standards in place in order to promote the culture of the school system as one of self-respect as well as the respect for others.  Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat, and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school.  Shirts and shoes are required at all school events.
School administrators have the obligation to determine when a student is attired in a manner which is likely to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school and will take appropriate administrative action, which may include suspension.  The administrator has full discretion to determine what is inappropriate.
Teachers are to enforce the dress standards per the parameters below:
Students should come to school dressed in a suitable manner. Students should not wear any type of clothing displaying inappropriate wording, advertisements, and/or illustrations. Students should not wear shorts or pants in a "sagging" manner (worn below the normal waistline or hips, presenting the possibility of showing the student's undergarments). The school administration has the authority to decide if clothing is in poor taste. Parents will be called to the school to bring a change of clothing if clothing is inappropriate. If a parent cannot be reached, the school will issue a change of clothing.  Please plan to follow the dress code for all school sponsored events (field trips, school ceremonies, dances etc.).
·         Muscle shirts, tank tops, midriff shirts, halter tops, tube tops, and spaghetti strap tops are not appropriate.
·         Shorts must not be any shorter than the student's fingertips when the arm is fully extended.
·         Skirts and dresses must not be shorter than 2 1/2 inches (width of a dollar bill) above the top of the kneecap.
·         No head coverings are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, hats, scarves, sweatbands, stockings, do-rags, etc.
·         No industrial chains, pet chains, collars around the neck, wrists, or waist, or chains attached to wallets.
·         Shoes must be worn at all times.
·         No unnatural hair coloring (for example, pink, orange, green, purple, etc.) or rings in nose, naval, tongues etc. are to be worn at school.
Contact the Webmaster

Questions or comments about our website? 

Email the webmaster at

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PTA Open House & General Meeting


When: Thursday, August 16 (6:00 p.m.)

*When PTA gets involved, children benefit. When you get involved with PTA, the child who benefits most is your own.

2012-13 Class Lists


Each nine weeks, the "Star Student" Top Reader from each Reading Skills Group will be recognized for shooting for the stars and shining brightly! This student will achieve this honor by having met the highest percentage of his/her AR goal and will:

  1. Have a picture taken to be displayed on the bulletin board between the second grade classrooms.
  2. Have his/her name posted on the AES website (with parental permission).
  3. Receive a "Star Student" Top Reader Certificate and TCBY coupon.

Congratulations to the following students who earned the "Star Student" Top Reader Award for the fourth nine weeks:


Kindergarten - Charlee McKee and Anthony Campbell
First Grade - Hunter Luchini and Anthony Snyder
Second Grade - Aaron Frazier and Dominick Donohue
Third Grade - Hartley Lemmons and Savannah Stout
Fourth Grade - David Musick and Hayden Armstrong
Fifth Grade - Brittani Hilliard and Amber Springstube 
Sixth Grade - Savanna Bowar 




House Points


Quarter 4 Totals

Congratulations to the Motivators!!

97,592 points

94,669 points

94,607 points

84,262 points



Yearbooks Are Now Available

for Purchase

Just $5.00

State Achievement Testing

Grades 3-8, April 23-26, 2012


State Achievement Testing (TCAP) will be given to all students, Grades 3-8, April 23-26, 2012. Every elementary school and Vance Middle will participate. It is more critical than ever that students are prepared and in attendance during testing.


Grades 3-6

Per state statute and State Board of Education policy, TCAP Achievement scores will be factored into students’ second semester final grades. The score will account for 20 percent of the grade.


Unexcused absences

For TCAP, regardless of why the student misses the assessment, there is no subsequent administration in which the students can make-up the assessment. For an unexcused absence, the state has recommended schools incorporate a zero (0) score into the student’s final second semester grade.

Please make sure to be at school on time.  Once a test is in progress, no one is allowed to enter the classroom.  

For additional information, please contact the school or the Supervisor of Federal Programs and Assessment Jennifer Rouse at (423)652-9230 or


We look forward to continuing our work with you to support the students in Bristol.

Seventh Grade Immunization Requirements

Students are required to receive new immunizations to enter seventh grade. This is a different set of immunizations than what your child received in Kindergarten. Please contact your Health Care Provider to confirm and/or schedule your child’s immunizations as soon as possible. The documentation of these shots may be hand delivered or mailed to your child’s current school. If your child receives the immunizations during summer break, the Tennessee Immunization Certificate may be delivered to Vance Middle School Counseling Office. 

 Until proof of the newly required immunizations documented on the 2010 Tennessee Immunization Certificate is received:
  • Team assignment letters will not be mailed to your child 
  • She/he will not be allowed to enter seventh grade  

 If your child has a medical condition which prevents receiving the immunization, a Medical Exemption letter will be required from the child’s primary physician.

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Bristol Police Conduct Drill at Anderson


Wide-eyed and silent elementary school students filed out of classrooms and followed police escorts past knee-high water fountains to a preplanned rallying point Tuesday afternoon.   

“Let’s get you guys down to the gym,” a barrel-chested officer with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department barked into the room. “C’mon guys, let’s go.”

Twenty minutes earlier, a trio of police officers strolled through the front doors of Anderson Elementary School in search of a fictitious intruder hiding in the school.

It was just a walk-through drill without guns drawn, but this week’s shootings in Ohio had to be fresh on everyone’s mind.

On Monday morning, an armed teenager walked into the cafeteria of Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio, and fired 10 rounds at a group of students. Three of the five teens shot have since died, the Associated Press has reported. One victim remains hospitalized and another has been sent home.

Tuesday’s drill had been planned long before the Ohio shootings, BTCS Communication & Transportation Coordinator Todd Bailey said.

“Who knows whether it’s a good coincidence or a bad one that we’re having this (drill) now,” he said.

Each year, city police pick a school to search. That way, both school administrators and police officers get a feel for the safety plan.

“It helps the Police Department to get to know the schools, too,” Bailey said.

According to the drill scenario, an intruder was hiding in the library on the second floor.

So, the three officers immediately ascended the stairwell moments after entering the school.

Painted on each step are numbers from the multiplication tables, further emphasizing the fact that prekindergarteners through sixth-graders were hiding in locked classrooms. Click here to see additional photos by ANDRE TEAGUE/BRISTOL HERALD COURIER.

Minutes later, an officer standing next to a door sandwiched between murals of “The Cat in the Hat” and “Charlotte’s Web” proclaimed into a radio that the library was secured.

Soon, more officers emerged from a stairwell.

"You need to start evacuating the second floor,” another officer said.

Three officers emerged from the stairwell at the far end of the hall, exchanged words with the man covering the library door, and continued their sweep of the hallway. Minutes later, one of the officers unlocked one classroom door after the next.

“Police!” he yelled each time. “Open up the door!”

The ever-growing threat of school violence struck a regional school two years ago when an armed man walked into Sullivan Central High School. On Aug. 30, 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan, a 62-year-old Kingsport resident with a history of problems with law enforcement, walked into the school during second period with two handguns and several rounds of ammunition.

He pointed a pistol at Principal Melanie Riden, and that’s when School Resource Officer Carolyn Gudger distracted him so that school administrators could initiate a lockdown and call 911.

Arriving sheriff’s deputies shot and killed Cowan after he refused to surrender his weapon at the end of a tense standoff. 

Lockdown drills are held regularly to prepare for a similar emergency, Anderson Elementary Principal Andrew Brown said, but not always with police officers.

For Brown, the addition of police was a game-changer.

“I could feel the adrenaline flow today,” he said.

By: Michael Owens |,,

(276) 645-2549 -

Lost & Found

Our lost and found is overflowing with coats, hats, scarves, and other clothing items!  If you are missing any of these items, please stop by the clinic area and look through the items that have been collected!  We will be donating items that are not claimed soon!




The Tennessee Electronic Library is a free resource to all of us.  There are useful tools for students from homework help to World Book Encyclopedia.  There is access to lots of information for you and your family.  Below are some links that would be especially helpful to students.


Click here for homework help and more!


Click here for a variety World Book reference

tools and resources for all ages!


Reading Challenge Kickoff

To The Library And Beyond ~

Reading Is Out Of This World!

Friday, September 2nd 

On Friday, September 2nd, Anderson students attended their annual AR Kickoff Assembly where they were encouraged to "Visit The Library And Beyond ~ Because Reading Is Out Of This World"! The Earthlings were greeted by three aliens (ARtery, QuasAR, and SolAR) from the planet ARgonia, and the AR Reading Challenge components were shared. Students learned that as they increase their knowledge by reading, they can  control their destiny and make informed decisions about their future.  They were ecstatic when special guests arrived from the cast of StAR WARs! 

Pictured left to right:

Luke Skywalker - Jared Day, Elementary Program Assistant

Stormtrooper - Andy Perry, Kindergarten Teacher

Darth Vader - Andrew Brown, Principal

Princess Leia - Alison Slagle, 2nd Grade Teacher

A very special word of thanks to all who participated in our AR Kickoff! 

Wilderness of the Smokies

 Wilderness at the Smokies

Wilderness of the Smokies is offering a special promotion for Anderson Elementary School.  A family of four can get accommodations for three nights (November 18, 19, & 20) at The Wilderness of the Smokies for $119/night.  This package includes waterpark tickets for all three days.  The Anderson PTA will receive $9.00 for each one of the packages that are sold.  In order to receive this special price, please let the Wilderness of the Smokies representative know that you are with Anderson Elementary School when calling.  If you would like further information, you can contact Josh Faust (PTA President) by email:


Accelerated Reader Goals

Individual Goals

To achieve individual reading goals, students must:

  • Read within their ZPD (zone of proximal development ~ range)
  • Achieve 100% of their point goal, AND
  • Earn an average percentage correct of 85% or greater.

When students achieve their goal, they will become a member of the Cosmic Crew.  Their name will be entered into a drawing for $10.00.  One name will be drawn each Friday afternoon.  At the end of the nine weeks, they will receive a "Rocket Reader" certificate and space-related prize.  All students are encouraged to shoot for the stars and shine brightly in hope of earning the Top Reader Award!  Each nine weeks, the Top Reader from each Reading Skills Group will earn a "Star Student" certificate, have their picture displayed on the Top Reader bulletin board located downstairs between two second grade classrooms, have their name listed on our Library website, and will receive a TCBY coupon. At the end of the school year, the overall Top Reader will receive the "Shoot For The Stars" Top Reader trophy which is on display in the Library.

Schoolwide Goals

To help Captain Orbit increase his speed,

All we have to do is read, read, read.

As we do our part, we help him move fast. 

Today's he's blasting into another class!


This year, a special visitor will be blasting into each classroom at Anderson Elementary School. His name is Captain Orbit. For every 500 books read schoolwide, he will blast off to his next destination.  Let's see how many flights he can make around our school!  He will be given away during our Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year to live with a lucky Earthling!

Semester Rewards

Students achieving 200% of their goal will be rewarded at the end of each semester.  Plans for these activities are tentative.  First semester possibilities may include a trip to Wallabies in Johnson City, the YMCA, or the Bays Mountain Planetarium. The second semester reward will be our second annual AR (Anderson Rams) Fun Fest. 

Membership Drive

September is PTA Membership Drive month.  Sign-up today!!  PTA dues are only $5.00.  The top three classes will win a pizza party.  The top sales person will win one free night at the Wilderness of the Smokies for November 18, 19, & 20.

Budget Cuts

Media Spotlight: Bristol schools to suffer budget cut


By Angela Yingling, WCYB-News 5 

Click here to see the video report.

Bristol Tennessee City Schools is getting a math lesson it doesn't like.

Sullivan County is reducing the amount of money it gives Bristol schools. That cut could affect lots of projects and students across the system.

The to-do list is a long one in Bristol Tennessee City Schools. "We've got fire alarm systems that need to be replaced and upgraded for the safety of our kids," said Ed Depew, Facilities and Maintenance supervisor for Bristol Tennessee City Schools. "We've got gymnasium floors at several elementary schools that need to be replaced."

But getting those projects done may take some time due to money concerns. Finance Director Rebecca Adams told us the city is allocated so much from the county based on the student population. That amount was decreased by $200,000 last year.

There's a chance it could decrease even more this year. "We have almost a $30 million budget," Adams said. "However, $260,000 is significant to us. We consider $20,000 significant to us."

According to Adams, the county is using that reallocated money to pay off county school debt. To some parents, that's not a fair decision.

"That's our money and we pay taxes," said Joella Johnson, one parent we spoke with. "I think it cuts out of a lot of children's program's."

The Bristol school system said building projects could feel the impact. "We have to be considerate of our education system first and buildings second," Ed Depew said.

Wood is falling off of the roof at Tennessee High School. The school says it's because the gutter system is failing due to age.

Bristol City Schools are looking into Tennessee law to see if there's anything they can do to get what they consider their money back from the county, because this isn't just money that would be gone for one or two years.

"This debt is basically for 17 years so then we'd be looking at it not just for this year, but for 17 years going forward," Adams explained.

Many parents and school administrators still have many questions. "I have a lot of questions and concerns about that ordeal," Johnson said.

And they hope to get some answers soon.

Here are other facts we've found out. Bristol, Tennessee City School officials attended the county commission meeting on Monday to present their concerns.

The entire budget for Sullivan County has to be wrapped up and approved by October 1.

We tried to contact Sullivan County's Director of Accounts to talk about the money battle, but were unable to reach him...

Stay Connected

Keep up to date with what is going on at Anderson by finding us on Facebook and following Mr. Brown's Twitter!

You can also register for a Facebook or Twitter account and have text updates sent to your phone. 


Pep Rally & Spirit Day Dates

Our house program is up and running and we are seeing huge success with the motivation our students are experiencing from it. We want to continue spirit (dress-up) days that will coordinate with our house pep rallies on Fridays (or the last days of the week on short weeks). 

Once again, we want to do everything we can to help you contribute at home. In order to help everyone be prepared and get in on the excitement I am sending this letter home with upcoming dates and themes.

Here are our upcoming spirit days: 

Hat Day - May 18

New Ways to Connect

Hot days lead to cool technology at Anderson

While many students have been enjoying these hot summer days by relying on all the latest technological gadgets such as Wii, HDTV, twitter, and Android, Anderson Elementary staff members have been deploying some additional technological upgrades as well.

One major enhancement, the all-new Anderson facebook page, will provide school administrators with an additional avenue to communicate with parents. However, the best part about the school's new facebook page will possibly be how fast parents, students, and teachers can send and receive answers to their questions and provide feedback to school issues that will be posted on the page.  

Principal Andrew Brown said, "We are trying to be more accessible by responding to parent's requests to add a facebook page. We've already had over 70 people join our page."

Visitors to the new facebook page will be able to post their comments and receive answers from anywhere through facebook's mobile phone application. In addition Anderson's website visitors will also have the option of having text updates sent directly to their mobile phone.

*Note: If you aren't already using facebook, you will need to go online to and set up your account.

Once you have set up an account and logged in, click here to visit the Anderson Elementary School facebook page and be sure to click on the LIKE button so you can receive posts to the page. After viewing the page, click here to visit the Bristol Tennessee City Schools facebook page.

Another upgrade that you'll undoubtedly notice is the new look of Anderson's website. An all-new page header, background colors, easier to read fonts, and improved links are a few of the changes that have been made.  

Anderson Program Assistant Jared Day said, "We wanted to improve our website in order to make it easier to view. Basically, it just needed a face-lift. We will also be adding additional features to the Staff area of the site to make it easier for parents to communicate with us."

Curriculum Guide Brochures
Safety Reminders

If your child will be going home a different way than is indicated on the form you filled out at the beginning, of the year, please send a note or call the school.  We are unable to let students go home a different way unless we have been contacted by parents.

In addition, if someone will be picking up your child who is not listed on the form, please send a signed note to school or add the individual to the form.  Students will not be sent home with individuals who are not on their pick-up forms.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Your child's safety is our top priority!

Reporting Absences

Please report each day
your child is absent
by (9:00 am).
If leaving a message
please report the following:
1. Child’s name
2. Teacher's name
3. Reason for absence
Thank You!
Bus Safety Tips

Bus safety tips for back to school


The 2011-2012 school year is here! As everyone returns to school, please remember student safety is our number one priority!

Here are a few bus safety tips to keep in mind:


  • Never cross close to the front of the bus - make sure the driver can see you.
  • Never pick up anything you drop close to or under the bus - ask the driver what to do.
  • Never run after a bus or bang on the side.
  • If you must cross the street in front of the bus, follow the driver's directions, and stop and look before you cross.
  • Never run across a street, it's better to miss the bus than rush and risk being hit by a car.
  • Stay away from the rear and sides of the bus - always be in a safe place where the driver can see you.


  • Never pass a school bus when the stop lights are flashing.
  • Always observe the speed limit in school zones.
  • Be extra vigilant around school hours - assume a child might run out at any moment.
  • Be courteous to school buses, give them room and let them change lanes when they need to.

Do you know the rules of the bus? 




  • Stay seated at all times
  • When the bus arrives at your house, stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus
  • No objects are to be thrown, either on the bus or out of the windows
  • Do not touch any switches or emergency doors/windows


  • Listen to the driver. Your safety is our main concern
  • No loud noises, yelling, or screaming
  • No eating, drinking, or tobacco products
  • Do not litter, write on, or damage the bus in any way

ND . . .


  • No fighting or pushing. Keep your hands to yourself!
  • Be courteous
  • No put-downs or vulgar language




Our Mission and Beliefs


Preparing students to become successful and productive citizens in a safe, nurturing environment through authentic learning experiences that enable students to excel academically and socially.


At Anderson we believe: 

  • Education is a community effort.
  • Individuals should be challenged to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.
  • A safe and secure environment is critical for learning.
  • Every individual deserves respect, courtesy, and honesty.
  • Accommodating the diverse learning styles of all students creates an engaging learning environment.


Coordinated School Health
Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect

The new Renaissance Home Connect links the school and home to make personalized reading practice even more effective. By logging on from their home computer, students and parents can:

Renaissance Home Connect Reading Tutorial

First to the Top
Expect More - Achieve More


Tennessee is Raising the Bar for

Students in the Classroom

There are many new initiatives in the state of Tennessee.  Last school year, we adopted a new, more rigorous set of state standards.  As a result, your child may not perform as well on TCAP tests as he/she has performed in the past.  Please do not get discouraged, but rather encourage your child to work hard.  Our teachers are working diligently with students to help them be successful.  Please feel free to contact the school with specific questions.  For more information, click on the links below:

Expect More - Achieve More

Expect More - Achieve More Video Clip

Letter from Commissioner Webb

2010 TCAP Parent Guide


Using Nascar for Education

Reading, writing and racing -- don't be surprised if your child comes home from school and said they got to meet a NASCAR driver.  Each year drivers and crews visit area schools before the big race to talk about how they got there and why to stay in school.


  Click for More


The Bristol Tennessee City School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

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