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This school year, Food City will donate $600,000 in cash through the Food City School Bucks program. The points your favorite school earns will help grow their share of the $600,000 total. It's like a pie - the size of your school's slice will depend on how many points your school has received. BTCS encourages everyone to support the school of your choice by registering your ValuCard for the Food City School Bucks program.

Participating brands include Food City, Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, ValuTime, Top Care, Academix, Domestic, Electric, EasyClix, World Classics, and Dining-In products, as well as Kay's Ice Cream, Terry's Snacks, Lay's Meats, Farmbest Milk and Kern's Bread & Cake products. Just take a copy of your favorite school's barcode along with your Food City ValuCard to any Food City. Barcodes are available in the school office.

You can also link your ValuCard online at by clicking here. This will automatically link the two together, which means all you have to do is scan the barcode one time. From that point, it's simple, just shop, scan and save to earn valuable points for your school.

Remember this is a Food City ValuClub program so you'll need to use your ValuCard to shop and save for the school of your choice. Anyone can register, so get your friends and family to sign up today.



Sign up for the Food City School Bucks program 

Support Our School


Fairmount Says

“Thank You!”

Link your Food City card to Fairmount Elementary.  Don't forget to re-register your Value Cards at Food City.  This has to be done every year.  Thanks for your help & support!!!

The following brands that are participating with Food City:  Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, ValuTime, Top Care, Academix, Domestix, Electrix, Easy Clix, World Classics, Kay's Ice Cream, Terry's Snacks, Lay's Meats, Rosario's Bistro Deli Classics, & Kern's Bread & Cakes.

Use Program ID Number for Office Depot Purchases!

Use this number to help Fairmount obtain supplies for students with Office Depot's 5% Back to Schools Program.


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Take Charge of Education ProgramTarget will donate 1% of RED Card purchases for books and supplies to the school of your choice.

Register to earn more points! 

Our school earns 10 cents for every box top we collect.  Please look for this symbol on General Mills products such as cereals, breads, frozen foods, and paper products.  Clip it and send it to school.

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Our school may purchase educational materials by collecting Campbell's labels.  This also includes Pepperidge Farms, Prego, V8, Pace, Swanson, & Franco American products.  Please look for this symbol and send the label to school.  Proceeds will benefit our school library.

Thank you for your help!

Instructional Fees

Thank you for sending in elementary student fees of $20.00.  You may pay $10.00 now and $10.00 at the beginning of the second semester in January.  Fee money is needed for consumable materials which are used to enhance the regular instructional program. 
TCAP Test Prep

Make sure you SOAR on your TCAP test!
TCAP Testing is right around the corner!  Our testing window is April 23rd -27th!  Talk with your child about the importance of doing your best on the test!  Your can also help your child at home by working on skills that they have not mastered.  Encourage them to work hard over the next few weeks in class and do their best each and every day!  In return, they will be able to do their best on the TCAP test!!
S - stay relaxed and focused
O - on task                             
A - apply your knowledge      
R - read questions carefully  
  • Get plenty of rest/go to bed early
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Read each question very carefully, then read it again to be sure you get the right answers
  • Never guess--reason things out and rule out  the impossible answers
Teacher of the Year



Teacher of the Year!

We would like to extend our congratulations to Fairmount Elementary School's Fairmount Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Summer Eaton.  Mrs. Eaton is a very loving and caring first grade teacher.  Good Luck and Best Wishes Mrs. Eaton!

A. R. Information

 A. R.

2012-13 Goal:  22,000 Books

Renaissance Home Connect

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Fairmount Events
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Mural by Denise Allen



Notes From the Principal


     There are many new initiatives in the state of Tennessee.  Last school year, we adopted a new, more rigorous set of state standards.  As a result, your child may not perform as well on TCAP tests as he/she has performed in the past.  Please do not get discouraged, but rather encourage your child to work hard.  Our teachers are working diligently with students to help them be successful.  Please feel free to contact the school with specific questions.  For more information, click below:

School Health


Bristol Tennessee City Schools
Coordinated School Health
Strong Minds + Healthy Bodies = Student Success
Bristol Tennessee City Schools and Fairmount Elementary are proud to be part of a state-wide effort for Coordinated School Health (CSH).  The CSH program offers a framework to address the needs of the whole child.  CSH encourages healthy lifestyles, provides support to at-risk students, and helps reduce the prevalence of health related problems that impair academic success.  The goals for CSH are:
  • Improve the health and academic status of all Tennessee students,
  • Build and maintain state and local partnerships to address school health priorities,
  • Create an understanding about the relationship between health academics,
  • Maxamize resources through effective coordination and coordination and communication, and
  • Utilize data to develop and maintain school health priorities.


Community Connections

The Child Advocacy Center will be providing abuse prevention programs for K-3 graders soon.  Welcome Happy Bear and Kids on the Block!

The Connection

The Connection is a community resource center for all students in the school system.  They provide the following services:

  • Resource packet with contacts to local agencies willing to assist with financial, housing, and insurance issues.
  • Seasonal family clothing at no cost to eligible recipients.
  • Limited supply of personal hygiene items at no cost to the eligible reipient.
  • School supplies to BTCS students.
  • Limited cleaning supplies / laundry detergent at no cost to the eligible recipient.
  • Connections to obtaining new shoes for BTCS students.
  • Holiday assistance:  both BTCS and community efforts.

CRC hours of operation are by appointment 8:00 - 3:30.

Please contact Mrs. Kay Ward, Community Outreach Specialist for an appointment at 652-9223.

Dress Code


 BTCS Dress Code
With warmer temperatures arriving soon, students should wear clothing that is appropriate for school.  Please do not send students to school in the following clothing:
  • Halter tops / tank tops
  • Tops or dresses with thin straps
  • Shirts or tops that show the stomach area
  • Shorts / skirts that are not of appropriate length
  • Pants that show undergarments
If clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked to bring in additional clothing that day.
Bucket Fillers

Bucket Fillers

Students and staff are encouraged to fill someone's bucket each day by saying or doing something nice or supportive for a classmate or an adult.  Ask your child whose bucket they filled today!



School Phone

(423) 652-9311

Attendance Message

(423) 652-9446

Fax Number

(423) 652-9436

Want to find out if the school schedule is being altered due to inclement weather?  Just call...

 Snow Line 

(423) 652-9554

Please call this information line regarding weather-realated closings, rather than the school, since the school will also receive its information from this source.  Please discuss with your child in advance what he/she should do in case school is dismissed during normal school hours.

In the event of a two-hour delay, early Birds will not meet.  In the event of an early dismissal, after-school programs will not meet.

Curriculum Brochures
Fairmount Pledge


Start my day positively
Organize myself for success
Accept responsibility for my actions
Respect others, myself, and my school


Fairmount Alma Mater



To the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"
We are the Redhawks
The Fairmount Redhawks
We stand together
In unity
With every sunrise
A new beginning
We'll show responsibility
We stand for courage
And perseverance
We have great knowledge
And we are wise
A brilliant future
We are pursuing
Watch the Fairmount Redhawks arise!

 821 Virginia Avenue  * Bristol, TN 37620 * (423) 652-9311

 The Bristol Tennessee City School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.
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